Saturday, February 28, 2009

Keegan's Mission Call

Keeg got his mission call. Lots of family and friends came over to watch him open his call. It was a lot of fun, we all guessed where he was going (the winner got a large candy bar, but no one guessed right!) I (his sister) knew he was going to Japan, so I don't know why we were all guessing. After all the "opening the call" excitement we had pizza and brownies, it was yummy!

Keeg was super nervous as he was opening his call, so nervous he was shaking. He pulled it out and, "Elder Maurer you are here by called to serve in the Seattle, Washington Mission..."

WHAT??? Seattle!

"...But it has been postponed until you 1. Listen and do every thing your mother says. 2. Be at your sisters beck and call. 3. Help little old ladies in your neighborhood with what ever they need. 4. Help a non-member in your neighborhood (preferably Myrna) with what ever she needs. 5. Walk the dogs at least 100 times before you can report, each walk at least 30 minuets long..."

Keeg was like "Wait! Is this real?"

Everyone started laughing!!! It was super funny! You'd think that Keegan would know that Mom would punk him, she gets him every time. Needless to say it wasn't and was very funny! The real one was under his tush, under the chair cushion.

So trying it again, "Elder Maurer, you're hear by called to serve in the Rapid City, South Dakota Mission!"

South Dakota! Keegan is very excited and has spent the last month and a half getting prepared to leave. He's very excited that he's going somewhere were its FREEZING cold. Reported 30 below with a windshield factor of 50 below last weekend! We're all super excited and can't wait to send him care packages every month and get to be writing letters to our missionary! He reports to the MTC on March 25!

Keegan's Mission... It covers parts of 7 states, North and South Dakota, Montana (it's really small you might not see it), Wyoming, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska

Pre-opening the call... and guessing!

Opening the letter!!!!!

Seatle WA!!! JUST KIDDING!!! Fake Out!

There's the real one! Under his fanny the whole time!

Ok let's try this again... The real Mission Call

Everyone hanging out... Pizza, Brownies, and Mission Calls.

Keegan and his girlfriend Kristen excited about his call!

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