Sunday, March 29, 2009


Sorry about the picture! I was going to scan on the invitation, but our scanner isn't set up to scan and it was going to take a long time. So, I decided to just take one and either there was a huge glare or to dark to see. I had to pick out the best one but it still had a huge a glare.

Last Sunday Keegan had his farewell! Sooooooo many people came!!! Keegan gave an amazing talk. He spoke for an hour and he totally could have kept going for another. They asked him how many other speakers they should book he told them "oh just me." They didn't believe him and booked another speaker and a musical number that was left with 10 minutes. It was a super great talk though and very funny. He started out really nervous but with in a few minutes that went out the window and he did great. He started out his talk by saying that in a conversation he likes to dominate it, so this was the perfect set up we HAD to listen and he could just talk at us! Everyone laughed it was pretty funny! His topic was on Missionary Work, but he covered everything from that to Temples to prayer and repentance. The bishop finally had to tell him his time was up, it was cute he was like "oh I guess I have to wrap this up... But one more thing." It was really Great!

Afterwards we had a ton of people come over to the house and eat! Greg counted over 75 at the very beginning, and they just kept coming and coming and coming! Myrna was our amazing Catering service once again and made us super yummy food. We had chicken salad croissant sandwiches, pasta, potato, and fruit salads, there was also yummy Brownies and cookies and mini Cinnamon rolls and bunt cakes for dessert! There was so much food and a lot of hungry mouths to eat it!!!

Mom wrote on the back of all the invitations to have everyone bring a letter that they wrote to Keegan. She took all the letters (which was a whole bunch) and hid them all over in Keegs luggage so he would find them when he was at the MTC! It was fun getting to collect all the letters from everyone! It will give him a bunch to read when he gets home sick!

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