Saturday, April 4, 2009


Keegan is over half way in the MTC (Missionary Training Center). He will leave in a week from Monday. He will go to South Dakota, Rapid City Mission Home and from there to his first area. We won't know until he writes us where that will be, so we will keep you posted when we find out.
Keegan has written two letters now, we just received a long letter from him on Thursday. We were a bit worried that he didn't write since his p-day (preparation day) is on Monday, but he doesn't get to write until later in the evening and it doesn't get mailed out until Tuesday so the letter doesn't arrive until Thursday and by that time we are all anxiously awaiting the news!
Keegan is doing amazing. He has been working hard, he says his companion is having a hard time keeping up with him as he makes sure he is on time to everything. He also states that his companion Elder Webster is very patient with him as he has to return to his room at least once a day as he forgets his wallet, key or chapstick...hmmm somethings never change.
He has gotten to go to the temple and also been asked to give a blessing to one of the sister missionaries. He is teaching a young man who is recently separated from his wife and girls and is into football. Keegan says he is trying to find scriptural references to use to help him find some happiness in his life. He will teach him for the first time this Monday.
He also got to bear his testimony after a missionary conference and he told the story of him and mom going to the Salt Lake Temple. There were many experiences that happened in the temple that day that were very sacred to Keegan and mom and they both talk about it very reverently.
I think the thing that stands out the most right now is how often he writes home telling us how much he loves us all, especially mom & sissy (Brianna). I think that has been the thing that has made it all worth while to see how much he loves his family and appreciates them. He seems to be growing up over night!

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