Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Entering the MTC

Keegan entered the MTC! On Wednesday we all had breakfast at the house, Ted cooked biscuits and gravy and omelets there was bacon and cantaloupe too! It was super yummy. Afterwards we all sat and visited until it was time to leave. We met up at my house and walked over together. It was way fun getting to see keegan go into the MTC! We've lived next to it for so long and now he's finally in there! After we dropped off his luggage we went inside and got his name badge. Then you go in and watch a short movie (that was my favorite part) and hear a short talk. Then it was time for him to leave! We all did a great job of not crying to much!!! We're going to miss him so much, but I think everyone is so excited and proud of him for choosing to serve the lord! We love you keeg!
Got to get one last good family shot!

Being goofy!

Classic MTC picture, it's a must.

Keegan and Mom.

Keegand and Sissy.

Keegan and Myrna.

Keegan and Dylan.

Keegan and Ted. Aren't they tuff!!!

Keegand and Greg.

One more family shot!

A couple shots with Joseph Smith!

Him and his Luggage.

Almost time!

Missionaries go in here!

Families go in here!

Getting his name tag! (the plus of having some one tall in the family! He takes pictures of everything)

Putting it on!

One last hug with Sis!

And one last hug with Mom!

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