Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ted and I thought it would be fun to give Keegan a last "farewell" message so we bought a bunch of plastic cups to stick in the fence on the overpass above the freeway...well maybe we should have measured first because we got too big of cups. After our second attempt we got the right size cups and had the message almost completely finished when what do we behold but "BUSTED BY THE POLICE!" Yep we had to take the sign down while the Lehi Police Officer waited in his car with the lights flashing ever so brightly.

The sign was supposed to say "WE LOVE (HEART) U KEEGAN"!

This is the back of the sign, the front is over the freeway in bold red color!

Yes that is a police car in the background...BUSTED!!!!

Our second attempt was to make a sign out of a shower curtain since it was Sunday and we didn't want to "break the Sabbath." We used some super bright pink paint and hung it over the Pleasant Grove overpass, unfortunately Keegan missed it. But when I got to talk to him Monday morning via the payphone at the airport he got a chuckle out of the story. He told me to send pictures of that!

Ted spray painting the shower curtain

Mom helping with the second try...

The finished product!

Keegan left on Monday morning, April 13th to fly to the South Dakota, Rapid City Mission. He got to call me the morning of and talk to his "MOM"! He had to throw the homemade jam away at the airport (a gift for his mission president and his wife) because we forgot it is considered a "liquid." He improvised by buying Utah jam and honey at the gift shop in the airport.

He was a bit upset because Elder Sequin's family came to the airport to see him off. On the back of the card they gave to us in the MTC they told us no visiting or phone calls including the airport...so he was frustrated but handled it ever so politely.

He had a Sister missionary that told him he had 5 minutes while she was tapping her watch because they could be proselyting while at the airport. I told him to put her on the phone with me and I would let her know that he was doing exactly what he needed to be doing and that was saying goodbye to his mother! We got a good laugh out of that.

He can't tell us enough how much he loves us and how much he appreciates all that was done for him to get on his mission, ahhhh now we are sooooo reaping the rewards!

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